Easy Autumn Cones
Saturday, October 19, 2013 10:58AM

Sometimes the prettiest things can be so simple.  This is one of those times.  We've sold a ton of these beauties in the store.  See how we make them below and create your own.  Great for fall centerpieces, these would also be beautiful hanging in pairs of twos or sets of threes, connected by pretty ribbon.  We have them hanging from our outdoor light fixtures in staggered pairs.  Create your own and send us photos of how you use them.  We'd love to share them on our Facebook page!               

Evergreen Christmas Open House 2013
Tuesday, September 17, 2013 10:30PM

Mark your calendars!  Evergreen's Christmas Open House is November 1st, 2nd & 3rd (special Sunday opening), 2013.  Please note the change in our special Sunday hours.  

Dream Floral Design Contest Winner
Saturday, August 10, 2013 3:13PM

Congrats are in order for Patti Carver Ferguson of the St. Louis area who entered her dream floral design idea (a beautiful burlap wreath shown below) via Facebook last month.  She won a $30 Evergreen Gift Certificate to use during her next visit.  Thanks again, Patti!  We loved her burlap wreath concept because it's so earthy and natural, great for all seasons including impending autumn.  Steve selected items carried here at Evergreen to mimic Patti's photo and here are the results along with diy instructions.  Send us photos of your final products and we'll share them with our customers via Facebook & e-blast.What you'll need:(1) Deco Mesh Work Wreath Frame @ $12.00(1) Burlap Deco Mesh @ $15.00 p/pkg(1) Moss Covered Vine @ $9.00(1) Assorted Package Earthen Spheres @ $10.00(2) White Berry Stems @ $3.50 each(1) Green Berry Stem @ $4.00Bow(s) of your choicefloral wirehot glue(Steve's interpretation of Patti's floral design entry)(above photo is the Pinterest photo Patti shared as her dream floral design idea)      1.  Begin with a pre-made deco mesh work wreath form as pictured here.  (empty wreath)    2.  Apply deco mesh burlap fabric to the wreath, gathering the fabric and then attaching it by twisting the pre-placed pine work wreath pieces around each gathered section.  8 to 10 inches of ...

Bountiful Burlap
Tuesday, June 25, 2013 9:53PM

Burlap is everywhere!  We have always appreciated burlap for its great texture and stiff shaping abilities.  With Steve traveling throughout the summer and with Jason busy with new inventory and July market planning, we are left missing our latest tutorial.  Thus today, I bring you a compilation of fun ideas for using burlap found on Pinterest and elsewhere. There are a billion things you can do with it!  I'll add link info to each photo so click those that interest you for more info.  I have also posted the burlap that we carry at Evergreen at the bottom with pricing and size information.  Stop by soon to take advantage of all Evergreen and burlap have to offer.  Enjoy and stay tuned for more beautiful design work from Steve & Jason in upcoming posts.                           3" Wired Burlap Ribbon at Evergreen:  $10 per bolt of 10 yards  Large Burlap Panels 36" wide by 15 feet long for $15.00 - super deal!!! at Evergreen. www.EvergreenMfg.net 2.5" UNwired burlap ribbon in 10 yard bolts for $4.00 per bolt at www.EvergreenMfg.net twine burlap $6.00 per roll at www.EvergreenMfg.net 

Something Pretty for Your Table
Friday, May 17, 2013 9:16AM

Every now and then, one needs a smaller piece to accent a table, shelf or bookcase.  Along comes our sweet and pretty moss "baskets."  We've made these for restaurants as well, to help ease space concerns on their tables.  In multiples or alone, these would be amazing to accent real florals at a wedding as they look amazingly realistic.  If you love to design and create, be sure to sign up to the right of this tutorial to receive our how-to's directly, via email.  We also post product photos to our Facebook page daily.  www.Facebook.com/EvergreenAtTheLake and have over 1,000 items posted to our Pinterest board at www.Pinterest.com/skylightphoto/evergreen-at-the-lake-of-the-ozarks.  Have a great weekend!What you'll need:Small Mossy Base Rustic Fern Bush (1)Hydrangea Stem (1)Wire CuttersHot Glue (we use a glue skillet rather than glue gun) 1.  Start by cutting the leaves from your hydrangea, then snip the head, leaving approximately 2" to 3" of stem for insertion.  Keep the long stem as an option for step 5. 2.  Dip hydrangea stem into glue and place centrally into our mossy base.  3.  Next, add glue to the tips of your leaf stems and place three pieces in a triangular fashion around the hydrangea head.4.  Cut 5 or 6 stems (choosing multiple colors for variation) from the rustic fern bush. ...

Great Four Textured Design How-To
Friday, May 03, 2013 11:48AM

This week we thought it would be helpful to show you how to use four floral textures to create a simple, center weighted design.  The container style is your choice.  For the amounts shown below, a smaller vase or container is appropriate.  We'll post two container examples for you.  If you try this yourself, we'd love to see your results.  Email Rachel at pureskylight@gmail.com and she'll share your creation with our Facebook fans.  Items Needed:A small container or vasefloral foamduct tape (if you plan to reuse your container)hot gluesheet moss Floral PinsTextured Greenery Bush / Stem x 1 (pointed succulent stem @ $7.50)Wispy Ornamental Grass Stems x 3 ($4.50 each)Dainty Floral Stems x 4 (white bell flowers @ $4.00 each)Greenery Bush x 1 (magnolia leaf @ $5.00)1.  Cut floral foam to fit snugly into container, leaving approximately 1" of space remaining at the top.  Glue to your container (add a strip of duct tape to your container before gluing the foam if you plan to reuse the container).  Add sheet moss using floral pins to cover top of foam. 2.  Shape the Pointed Succulent Bush, curving the edges for a natural appearance.  Trim stem to the height of your preference, add glue and insert directly into the center of the foam.  3.  Cut the stems of the Wispy Ornamental Grass to about 3".  Add glue ...

Beautiful Succulent Design Tutorial
Wednesday, April 17, 2013 10:26PM

Succulents are a great way to add a little flavor to a simple container without going overboard.  It only takes a few to make a huge impact.  Here, Jason demonstrates how to create your own succulent design.  Let us know what you think and be sure to share photos with us by emailing them to Rachel at pureskylight@gmail.comWhat you'll need:Our Driftwood Bowl (small)  $25.001 Large Succulent $ 6.001 Dark Green Succulent $ 4.001 Bright Green Succulent $ 4.501 Brown Tipped Succulent $ 3.751 Wispy Fern Bush $ 1.50Floral Foam $  .50Sheet Moss (we have small bags for $3.00)Floral Pins 1.  Hot glue 1/3 of your floral foam onto the center of your bowl.  If using anything other than wood, it is best to place tape first, then glue foam to the tape so that your bowl is not forever compromised.  2.  Next, place a sheet of moss over the foam, leaving a bit of excess over the sides.  We use glue "skillets" at Evergreen, making it easier to apply glue than when using a glue gun.  This being said, we dip our floral pins into hot glue, then insert into all four of your mossy sides to secure.3.  Jason cut half the stem from the large succulent before adding glue to it and inserting into the foam at an angle on one side of the foam. 4.  Using wire cutters, cut the Wispy Fern Bush into four usable parts.  Next, add ...

Make Your Own Welcome Basket
Wednesday, April 10, 2013 1:47PM

 Jason took a few moments to demonstrate how to make a simple but super sweet Welcome basket to hang upon your door.  He chose lilacs but you can replace them with just about anything.  We've included other samples below as inspiration.  What you'll need:3 Lilac Bushes @ $3.50 eachLarge Hanging Welcome Basket @ $20.001 Magnolia Leaf Bush @ $5.001 block of floral foam @ .50(optional) spanish moss to place inside basket(optional) green sheet moss to cover any glue spills on the exerior 1.  Cut your foam just a bit larger than the width of the mouth of your basket.  Place hot glue on the two larger sides of your foam and carefully insert into basket.  Should you have any glue seepage on the exterior of your basket, just add a piece of green sheet moss on the exterior to cover.  Add spanish moss inside, around the foam to visually fill the void as light shines through the basket.    2.  Cut approximately 3" off the thick stems of TWO of your lilac bushes.  Place the bushes together at the stems and glue & insert into center of foam.    3.  Shape the lilac blooms, spreading outward to the sides.4.  Separate the stems of the third lilac bush by cutting with wire cutters.  You should have nine pieces.     5.  Insert the nine lilac pieces by gluing and ...

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