Fall Horseshoe Door or Wall Piece
Tuesday, September 02, 2014 12:14PM
Fall Horseshoe Door or Wall Piece

Searching for something a little different to add to your door this fall?  Try our horseshoe design. What Jason used:Salal Leaf Stem (2 @ $3.50 ea.)Feather Fern (2 @ $9.00 ea.)Burlap Ribbon (unwired) for the bow (10 yd. bolt for $4.00)Burgundy Succulent (2 @ $3.50 ea.)zip ties (brown or black are more discreet than the white we had on hand today) OR taped floral wireheavy gauge wire to make a circular base form  1.  Lay one fern stem over the other and zip tie (or wire) together in two places, about two inches apart.  Shape to enhance desired horseshoe effect. 2.  Trim the salal stem to a length that accomodates the width of your door (or wall space).  Leave a small portion of the stem for attachment to the fern base. 3.  Zip tie (or wire) to the base and repeat step 2 & 3 on the opposite side with the second salal stem. 4.  Shape salal & fern into desired horseshoe design.   5.  Trim & glue burgundy succulent into the stems of the fern & salal, leaving room to the left for the second succulent.6.  Repeat step 5 by gluing the second trimmed succulent into place. 7.  Form a small wire circle to place in the center of your horseshoe design to which you will ultimately attach the burlap bow & ribbon.  Run each end of the circle through the zip ties (or floral ...

Easy Bittersweet Pumpkin Centerpiece
Thursday, August 28, 2014 8:47AM
Fall Horseshoe Door or Wall Piece

Looking for a small flash of fall color to combine with other pieces on your table?  Try our simple foam pumpkin with bitterweet.  All you need is:A foam pumpkin ($12.00)Burlap Ribbon (we sell 10 yards for $4.00)Bittersweet Spray (2 @ $3.00 each)Floral Pins  Our pumpkin required a 26" strip of burlapJason elected to add glue to ours but you could easily use floral pins to attach the burlap for later re-use.     Trim a branch from the bittersweet stem.Jason used a screwdriver to poke a hole into which he could insert the stem.   Shape the bittersweet branch around the pumpkin against the burlap, pinning with floral pins when necessary.Poke a second hole below the first and insert a second bittersweet stem, shaping it around the burlap as you did the previous one.  Poke a third hole to fill in the remaining gap with the final branch of bittersweet.  Pin flat against the pumpkin as before. 

Fall Lantern
Wednesday, August 27, 2014 8:26AM
Fall Horseshoe Door or Wall Piece

Besides adding Luminara flameless candles to your lanterns, why not add a little fall color & flavor?  Check out what Jason added to ours today.   Here's what he used:Lantern ($25.00)Pinecone ($4.00)Moss ($2.50 per bag)Bittersweet Spray (1 @ $3.00)  1.  Place your moss "inside out" with the green side displaying to viewers through the glass.   2.  Insert the pinecone.3.  Trim one branch from the bittersweet spray.4.  Arrange bittersweet around the pinecone.   5.  Use the remaining bittersweet pieces to fill any voids around the pinecone.  That's it!  Super quick and super easy!  Add red berries for Christmas or remove everything and go back to Luminara flameless candles for illumination.  Let us know how you repurpose your lanterns!  evergreenatthelake@gmail.com and Like Us on Facebook to see new inventory arrivals and store news:  www.Facebook.com/EvergreenAtTheLake

Fall Magnolia Centerpiece
Tuesday, August 26, 2014 11:38AM
Fall Horseshoe Door or Wall Piece

We love strong fall golds & oranges but were drawn to our softly colored magnolias this week, prompting this easy centerpiece tutorial.  Here's what we used:flat rimmed "hat" basket (1 @ $12.50)birds nest (1 @ $22.50)magnolia stems (2 @ $4.00 each)black pumpkin (3 @ $3.50 each)ice berry stem (2 @ $3.50 each)twig garland (2 @ $3.00 each)  1.  Place the bird nest onto the basket.  We elected not to permanently attach anything so we could repurpose the components down the road.  Should your area of placement be a high traffic spot (or outside with wind), floral pins would be an easy fix with easy removal later.     2.  Place each of the two twig pieces under and around the bird nest. (see below)  3.  Place the three pumpkins within the basket. 4.  Trim the ice berry stems.5.  Place them amongst the pumpkins.  6.  Trim the magnolia stems.7.  Push stem into bird nest, resting magnolia flower along the outskirts of the nest.  8.  Counterbalance the other magnolia with the second by placing it along the rim of the nest.  That's it!  We'd love to see your fall centerpiece designs.  Post to our Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/EvergreenAtTheLake or email Rachel and she will share with our fans at evergreenatthelake@gmail.com

Fun Gifts for Wine Lovers
Friday, May 23, 2014 2:09PM
Fall Horseshoe Door or Wall Piece

Kenny spends most of his time at Evergreen creating our floor displays.  Today we photographed him as he added a new wine product display.  If you haven't done so already, visit one of the five wineries at the Lake of the Ozarks listed below for lunch or to purchase local wines to accompany your wine related products from Evergreen.Sugar Loaf Vineyard / www.sugarloafwinery.comGolden Rock Winery / www.goldenrockwinery.comSeven Springs Winery / www.sevenspringswinery.comShawnee Bluff Winery / www.shawneebluffwinery.comCasa De Loco Winery / www.casadelocowinery.com Products at Evergreen Today        Green Gauze / Mesh Rolls $5.00 for a 5 yard roll           hand-painted wine glasses from local artist, Terry Wilmes   

Summer Door Piece
Friday, May 23, 2014 1:17PM
Fall Horseshoe Door or Wall Piece

Marge added color to this week's door idea:  yellows & oranges!  Enjoy and let us know what you'd like to see next.Evergreen Items Used:Green Grass Bush (1 @ $5.00)Yellow Gerber Daisies (2 @ $3.00 each)Orange Gerber Daisy (1 @ $3.00)White Hydrangea Stem (1 @ $5.00)zip ties or taped floral wire to bindtaped floral wire (hanging loop)optional:  peat moss to cover zip tie          1.  Divide the green bush in half (without cutting) and fold one half upwards to the top.2.  Carefully trim the daisy & hydrangea stems. 3.  Place one of the yellow gerber daisy stems just a bit right of center on the lower half.  Bend the daisy head upward to showcase.4.  Place the white hydrangea stem on the lower portion as well (stem upward) but just to the left of the yellow daisy.  Adjust the head to point forward for viewing.5.  Lay the orange daisy higher and to the left of the white hydrangea head and bend the orange head forward for better viewing.  6.  Lay the second yellow daisy onto the upper section with its stem pointing downward (opposite the former stems which were placed upward).  Adjust the head.7.  Bind all together tightly using a zip tie (or taped floral wire).  Trim the tie.   8.  Add a hanging hook using a taped floral wire. 9.  Cover ...

Faux Succulent Door Piece
Tuesday, May 13, 2014 4:13PM
Fall Horseshoe Door or Wall Piece

Marge was in a green and vertical mood this week when asked to share her design skills via our latest tutorial.  She chose a door piece due to requests for unique door ideas.  We used artificial foam succulents which are best suited for doors with overhang coverage to prevent moisture and direct sun damage.  Read below to see how you can create this piece yourself, keeping in mind the shapes can be replaced with similarly shaped florals should you want to add more color.   Please share your feedback as well as theme ideas for Marge and / or Steve's next tutorial.  Steve's at Brimfield as we type so stay tuned for more fun floral design ideas when he returns.  If you haven't already, sign up to receive our how-tos via email.  The sign up box is to your right.  Thanks! Evergreen Items Used:Senecio Serpens x 1 ($7.50 ea.)Eva Cactus x 1 ($9.00 ea.)Silver Waves x 1 (10.00 ea.)Wooly Rose x 2 ($7.00 ea.)Flax Grass x 1 ($12.00 ea.)Taped Floral Wire x 1hot glue                1.  Open up / shape each piece to gain full size and dimension.  2.  Start with the Senecio Serpens stem as the "back" piece and lay the Eva Cactus stem against it and adjust the heads to stagger a bit.  3.  Place the Silver Waves head to the left of the Eva Cacti, centered in between ...

Easy Autumn Cones
Saturday, October 19, 2013 10:58AM
Fall Horseshoe Door or Wall Piece

Sometimes the prettiest things can be so simple.  This is one of those times.  We've sold a ton of these beauties in the store.  See how we make them below and create your own.  Great for fall centerpieces, these would also be beautiful hanging in pairs of twos or sets of threes, connected by pretty ribbon.  We have them hanging from our outdoor light fixtures in staggered pairs.  Create your own and send us photos of how you use them.  We'd love to share them on our Facebook page!               

Evergreen Christmas Open House 2013
Tuesday, September 17, 2013 10:30PM
Fall Horseshoe Door or Wall Piece

Mark your calendars!  Evergreen's Christmas Open House is November 1st, 2nd & 3rd (special Sunday opening), 2013.  Please note the change in our special Sunday hours.  

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